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Our Process

Scott’s Finished Basement has gained a reputation for being straightforward when it comes to planning and design. This means we follow a streamlined set of rules and procedures; doing this ensures that our building processes are not behind schedule.


We treat space planning as if it’s a puzzle. For instance, we divide a square basement into different sections and designate functions to make the most of the space. Say we’re building a home theater. We map out first where the socializing area will be. Once planned, we designate the place of the TV screen. Normally, we place it in the darker spot for a more cinematic ambiance.


When faced with choppy layouts, we do our best to make the basement feel open and airy. Doing this requires the use of great lighting. We also use soundproofing and other insulation materials to absorb or dissipate elements that may cause inconveniences and other forms of discomfort.


Watch as we transform an empty shell into a beautiful new finished basement!
Watch as we finish this basement one step at a time. 

We're often asked, "What does the process of finishing a basement look like?"  So, we decided to show you just that.  Take a look at these pictures and watch as we transform a typical michigan basement into a finished basement masterpiece!  

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